Booking conditions

Dear Guest,

Our conditions for booking accommodation are meant to regulate the trusty relationship between you as tenant and the agency. SIOTRAVEL agency is not the owner of the real estates that it offers, it only acts as an agent being commissioned by the owners of the real estates and it has been given authority to conclude contracts and to agree on the tenancy fee.

1.  Check-in
•  Your checking-in initiates the obligatory conclusion of the travel contract between you and our agency.
•  You can check in personally, through phone or in writing (fax, letter or email). Your checking-in automatically includes the persons travelling with you, on behalf of whom you undertake the contracting conditions, and on booking your accommodation you are obliged to take cognisance of the conditions for booking accommodation.
•  On accepting your booking accommodation we immediately conclude the contract, after which you will receive a written confirmation.

2.  Payment
•  The deposit is 30% of the whole price, which has to be paid within 8 days of receiving the written confirmation.
•  The rest of the amount has to be paid on arrival. You will be given the key only after paying the whole price.

3.  Services
•  The descriptions, designs, photos and prices found in the catalogue serve as a basis of the services included in the contract.
•  Our prices include the cost of water, electricity, gas as well as the fee of the cleaning on the last day. The visitors' tax that has to be paid by tourists over 18, is not included in the price.
•  The number of persons staying in the accommodation cannot exceed the number that has been agreed and confirmed. In case this number is exceeded the travel agency has the right to order off the persons without valid booking or to ask for an extra price.

4.  Holiday-homes
•  Holiday-homes are houses owned by private persons and they are furnished according to the taste of the owner or to the Hungarian custom.
•  These houses are equipped with beds, settees, and sofa-beds for one or two persons, as well as refrigerators.

5.  When the guest wants to cancel
Before arrival: he has to pay:
•  With more than 60 days 12% of the
•  With 1 - 59 days 30% of the aggregate sum
After arrival:
•  the aggregate sum ist the penalty

6.  Arrival and departure
•  The arrival and departure costs are covered by the guests themselves. If the booked accommodation is in a privately owned house, the arrival must be between 15.00 and 19.00. Different times from the above should be agreed. If you arrive at late hours, please inform SIOTRAVEL agency about this. Should the guest not arrive until the stated times, and we haven’t information about arrival, we can’t maintain your booking. The departure must be until 10.00

7.  When SIOTRAVEL wants to cancel and dissolve the contract
•  Without meeting the deadline if the guest disturbs the journey (in spite of being warned), endangers the lives of others, or his behaviour infringes the contract. In this case the travel cost will not be covered.
•  Without meeting the deadline if the supply is hindered by unforeseeable vis major or strike while still concluding the contract. The guest will be refunded the money not used.

8.  Distances, sizes
•  The distances and the sizes of the houses given in the catalogue are estimate and should be looked at as not accurate information based on the data given by the owner.

9.  Warranty and the obligation to co-operate
•  According to the articles of the law the tenant is obliged to co-operate in case of any breakdown. He is especially obliged to report this to the travel. If the complaint is grounded, SIOTRAVEL has to be given a reasonable deadline to solve the problem if it can be solved at all. If the agency cannot solve the problem, it must make sure that you are offered another accommodation.

10.  Damages caused by the guest
•  The guest is obliged to use the accommodation in an appropriate way, he has to inform the travel agency about the caused damages and pay for the damages.

11.  Liability limitations
•  Our liability according to law – as tour operator – is only limited for the charge of accommodation/travel costs. This limitation does not include the body harm.
•  We do not admit liability for the damages that are caused by the service that is not our own but taken from a third party.
•  We do not admit liability for damages or lost of luggage.
•  We do not stand as security for the visible misprints in the travel documents, invoices and catalogue, or for miscalculations.

12.  Responsibility
As regardful businessmen we undertake the following:
•  To prepare the journey thoroughly
•  The accuracy of the descriptions in the catalogue
•  To make sure the services

13.  Travel insurance
•  The price of the accommodation expenses does not include the insurance for the journey.
We recommend you should take out such insurance in your country.

14.  Data protection
•  All personal data that we require for necessary paperwork are used only for administering the documents of the client.

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